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Someone tell those with XY chromosomes that the world is NOT their own. It is 2022, man! You have NO excuse to be tone deaf to the feelings, needs, and challenges women face in spaces.

Something tells me life would be simpler if I was a boy. Men do whatever they want. Men say whatever they want. Men go wherever they want. I call that privilege.

As a man, I wouldn’t have to consider my safety as much. I wouldn’t have to consider if I’m just helping a coworker or if I am being treated as a subordinate. I would not have to consider if I am likable enough for the office’s “Boy’s Club” to invite me out for after work drinks during a conference. If I were a boy I wouldn’t have to fight as hard to be heard in male dominated industries.

Men are allowed to take more risks while women are encouraged to play it safer because of “BLAH TF BLAH”


Women deserve the opportunity to be selfish and take risks. Women (like me) will be heard and respected by any means necessary. One way or another we gone push to open up these doors.

Women should continue to make spaces for one another just because shit is hard for no reason. Black women, especially, lets help other Black women get into spaces because we all know we must be overqualified to be considered by others. Instead of gatekeeping and making things harder for others because it was hard for you, let's give those that come behind us some grace to grow and make mistakes under us.

Let’s give fellow Black women some grace, Sis.

All of the industries I work in are male- dominated and I’ve experienced some sexist ass, tone deaf ass ish! Like damn, you really think like that?! Once you push back it’s always some sort of excuse.

I think that we should start smacking the piss out of these men in the back of their heads! SIKE NAW! (Don’t say I told y’all to hit people’s chern!)

I learned to fight with words and mean what I SAY without taking anything too personal! “Too personal” depends on the scenario though, Sis. If it hits home check that shit IMEGEE-IT-LEEE! We’re gonna say immediately and strategically in truth. Especially in professional settings, it is important to be strategic. I don’t always follow this, but like your mama says, “Do as I say not as I do”.**

** When parents/ grandparents say stuff like this they know they are doing some stuff that really aint’ right. Never fails!

We are holding these folks accountable with no remorse. I’m quick to make something a teaching moment pending you do not make the same mistake twice.

From the last blog post, I said I need to get out of Detroit. No new updates there just, but I know Jesus loves me and we are going to figure this one out. I would make a joke, but most of y’all don’t even catch my lil jokes I place in my blog.

Just know, I have grown accustomed to the “smile and wave” mentality. If someone has tips on understanding the Old White Guy (OWG) sense of humor…HELP. ME. Them jokes be over my head and I stay feeling left out. The jokes, the TV shows, the interests are not aligning. These are the people that I have to go through for approval about internal and external communications. I really be hurting sometimes. Work is work and one day maybe in a year I’ll offer y’all some tips as to how not to be like me in that regard.

All I can say now is to NEVER EVER EVER move to a city for a job if you don't already like the city, EVER. Move to the city you want to live in and find a job you’d like to work while there. I am so far behind I almost dropped a February gem! Y’all February was so damn lit!

This blog can’t even include February goals because February is over now, but just know it went up in real life. One thing I will say is a lot happened…Or should I say FIVE… HAHAHA!

New Experience Alert:

I have a new trainer. She is Black and a woman and very easy to work with/ learn from! Shoutout to Brennae –CEO & Founder at Avidity Athletics! I use my workout sessions like adult recess/ a mental health release. Now that my birthday has passed I am working toward building healthy habits overall- fitness, boundary setting and communication. By taking the time to invest in my fitness journey, I am making sure that “I don’t play bout me”. I am too young to deal with my family history of diabetes and high blood pressure, so I try to stay very active. Since training with Avidity Athletics, I’ll say I feel so much better about asking questions and learning what body with each workout. This is the first time I feel like I am remembering the working outs and can actually do them on my own if needed. In previous training sessions, I felt like I was simply showing up and being told what to do rather than ACTUALLY LEARNING ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING…ugh so so frustrating. I will also say that in my experience male trainers often go easier on me and don’t often correct form. I think it’s especially dope that she went through her own fitness journey wanting to see results and not only fell in love with the industry, but decided to help other women.

I will say that once I get my diet together…it’s over for you -OOOESSSSS! That right there is on period!

Let’s Get to These Affirmation

  • I am growing.

  • I am strengthening.

  • I am beautiful.

  • I am successful.

  • I am overqualified.

  • I am capable.

  • I am willing to adapt to change.

  • I am going to keep my mf foot on the gas.

  • I love me.

  • I respect me.

  • I value me.

  • I will do what I can and understand my capacity to help others effectively. (I gotta put me first Lucious)

I can’t wait to tell y’all about February!! What a birth month?!



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