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Quarter Life Crisis

Here we are in month one of quarter two and I had to pivot a bit for my own personal growth. Sis, I been knew this, but I had to come to terms with the fact that I can really spend the hell out of some money. I might tell you a joke, but I will not (not right now) tell you a lie! In February, I had a blastttt.

See for yourself!

I went on a birthday tour- Photoshoot, Turks, Da Party…oh my! In March, I had to really sit with the reality of what had just happened. Not only did you have a ball, but you also blew a bag Little Miss Entrepreneur. I had to answer lots of questions like “How tf?”,”Who tf?, and “What tf?” and it was hard for me to do in all honesty. I was a bit messed up for a good two weeks after trying to figure out how to best manage my habits and my money at the same time.

Damn, Sis, you can’t fuck the bag up like that!


In reality, we all have seasons where we splurge, but a responsible person plans for them, Sis. If I did not know before I know now that real life is on the other side of that turn-up. Lesson learned, Sis!

So now I’m sure you want to know, “Sis, how do you pivot when shit gets tough?”

Well, like some American TV show from the 90s said “When the going gets tough…the tough get going.” My tough ass going all the way to somebody’s job. Oh! I don’t have any shame in saying I know some people say “Why are you working for someone?” but no one is saying “I’ll help you pay your bills while your investment properties are being built so you can maintain your current quality of life.” So shut it with YBA!

Seriously, my houses have gone to market (Yes, I did ease that in there) and quite frankly I began to grow bored. I sat down and applied to nine jobs and got two callbacks that I found myself mildly interested in. During this time, I also had an overdue dinner scheduled with one of my bomb-ass mentors who is out here killing it! I expressed to her how my entrepreneurial journey was going in its entirety and the fact that I was ready to start working for someone again. We had an amazing dinner filled with quality time and much-needed laughs which days later turned into an organic job offer. Ultimately, she understands where I am in my entrepreneurial journey and I understand where she’s headed. My mentor said, “I don’t believe in coincidences and I can’t guarantee anything long-term, but I do need you to fill an immediate need.”

When I officially stepped into this role with nothing guaranteed, I decided on two things

  1. I would come in both humble and hungry ensuring that I do not take this opportunity to learn for granted

  2. I would get something guaranteed by being a problem solver and continuing to fill a need before anyone else knew a need existed

I’d advise any young professional to learn how to leverage their network and skillset early and organically. No one ever wants to feel like anything that they do is one-sided and sometimes the value in things is more than a dollar value. I’ll give you more young professional updates in the coming blogs, Sis. Sometimes all you need is for someone to back you and believe in you. Fingers crossed. Let’s see what this becomes.


Can we get into the fitness journey? Can we also ask why the hell is everything a damn journey??

Pro Tip: Detox all of those toxins and fried foods out of your gut by using Gotta Geaux Detox use code DAMNSIS to get a discount on your next purchase!

If you’ve been paying attention at all since September then you are fully aware of how I built this fitness habit! Post-Birthday Tour my schedule has drastically shifted which impacted how often I was able to make it to the gym and my work schedule shifted things around a bit as well. My eating has not been as clean, but the habit to work out is there.

I now work workout on an average of 3-4 times per week. It is now ingrained in me that I need to do something! Recently, I decided to increase my cardio outside of training sessions so I can focus on my strength training during my time with my trainer. I commend him for how hard he pushes me in the gym. I would tell anyone who needs help to become more disciplined to start their journey early. If you are interested in trying out a session with my trainer. Here is his Instagram and Website to set up a discounted consultation use code JOJO10 he knows I sent you, Sis!

Fitness is a hard space to navigate alone, but I will say that with the right level of discipline and willpower, any goal that you set can be accomplished. The biggest life hack I learned through fitness is that there are no shortcuts. Be patient, disciplined, and consistent, and understand that everyone falls off from time to time, but the greats get back up. This is more motivational than anything because I can provide you with exercises, but I will soon be able to provide you with clean eating recipes. I feel like this is essential, Sis because eating is where I drop the ball and pick up them damn cookies. Chocolate chips cookies gone do it every time, especially on my cycle. People don’t account for the changes a woman’s body goes through on her cycle. I’ve seen people say they feel less strong on their period, more fatigued, and experience cravings for the things they shouldn’t have. The best advice I can give if you’re also at this stage is to keep pushing and not give up.

Be honest with where you are in your journey so you can get better, Sis.

After reflecting on these past few months, I realized this blog speaks of progression and transition. Out with the old and in with the new, Sis. It’s time to do some spring cleaning in your life to make room for new blessings and new lessons. I can’t speak for you, but I’ve learned my old lessons and I am more than ready to get prepared to manage and sustain the blessings to come whether they be financial, mental, or spiritual. Do your thing God and do it with me!

Maybe this quarter-life crisis will birth new solutions. In the marketing world, they often speak of innovation being birthed out of chaos and crisis. I hope it’s true because a breakthrough would be nice, Sis.

New Experience Alert

I went bike riding on a Tuesday night with Get Up and Ride NOLA! One of my old fitness pals invited me and girllllllllll…. I know you lying to me! We rode the bikes for two hours with a little break outside of a bar. The idea is so cool because it’s free if you have a bike, but it cost $25 to rent one. You have the option to buy drinks for the ride which…hey that’s your business, but I am clumsy enough sober for me to pass on this opportunity. I think everyone should try riding a light-up bike through the city with a group of random people for two hours for the culture. FOR THE CULTURE, SIS! The culture owes me two new knees and some backup ones for good luck because why did I wake up feeling like a bus hit me??? I was limping all day, had to wear my heating and cooling knee brace, and elevate my knee at the office. I’ll do it again for sure! I just need to prepare way better next time. I definitely support the initiative and love the idea. Unfortunately, my knees have no respect for the fit girly I am trying to be.

Let's get into these affirmations:

I am powerful.

I am capable.

I am beautiful.

I am graceful.

I am diligent.

I am intelligent.

I am worthy.

I am understanding.

Short-Term Goals:
  • Create a marketing strategy course curriculum by June 30th.

  • Learn 5-7 new financial concepts by July 1st.

  • No diary for the next two weeks.

Long-Term Goal:
  • Build out programming and scalable model for my non-profit organization rooted in scholarship and community.

Sis out! Subscribe for content alerts and comment so I can hear your thoughts, Sis!



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