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And Let Me Just Say This!

I was flipping through the pages of my personal journal and I happened to read my entry from a year ago today (yesterday). It led me to take a moment and think of you, Sis. In spite of me leaving you hanging, I'm sorry for that by the way- I still think of you everyday. Your progress and my own. I think of ways in which I can help you and things I could have said to you in my absence, but I'm here now with a short message. After reading my journal entry, I took sometime to reflect on what I was telling myself and how I feel now. Somethings I still need to hear and somethings I have worked through.

I noticed a lot of "I love Me's" and a note to be sure not to self-sabotage. (HA!) A year ago today, I was making room for the girl I am still becoming. I discussed the importance of me time, fitness, space for creativity and of course how I make that coin. One of my three means, no longer exists. Let's just say I'm heavy on this Jo Co. ish, Sis.


No matter what has happened you're still standing. Every day you may not have been the strongest. I'm sure there were days where you kicked ass at this thing called life and for that I am proud of you. We are growing together you and I. We are learning, unlearning and discerning. The strength that is required for your journey has already been placed in you by God. I truly believe you just gotta tap in, Sis. Everybody won't like it when you find your voice, but you will be more at peace for it. SPEAK UP- for you, your respect, your emotions, and in this climate you must speak up for basic human rights. I came here to tell you to breathe because I've been telling it to myself. Damn, Sis, we are getting older and my patience is getting shorter for the BS. If you do not yet journal, I think you should give a try to pay attention to how your feelings and personal needs evolve over time. It's kinda cool to see.

I know y'all want to hear about trips, investments, and the usual sassy banter, but this was important to me. I hope y'all comment back or something, so I know you're still there. I am excited to be back if y'all still still rocking with me...EL OH EL. "This my mf blog!"

Let's get to these affirmations (They've changed a bit.)

  • I'm grown.

  • Shit happens.

  • I am beautiful (inside and out).

  • I am powerful.

  • I am capable (and more capable than that).

  • I will work on being conscious and considerate within my personal limits.

  • Just because I can does not mean I have to.

  • I will continue to prosper at this thing called life.

Sis out, but I will be back much sooner.


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