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This That Good Sh*t, Sis.

This blog is a compilation of my life's events even if they make no damn sense or you don't agree with my approach just remember I'm a young queen trying to make it. Show some mf grace!

Initially this blog was supposed to be titled “Young & Turnt: A Lesson on Sustainability”, but we have some merchandise to sell. So instead of hiding it from you, gone head and click the link to purchase our good sh*t mug! Be sure to come back and read though because sis things have been interesting. Life has been providing some bomb ass content!

If you follow me on social media you can see your girl has been out tf side since the first week of February! Let me be honest and say every February is like Summer for me. It costs lots of bread of course, but is my birth not worth celebrating?! I dragged this one out for sure though. February was me feeling out of the funk and into me or into my greatness rather.

I wrote a few goals down during Christmas break about how I wanted my 2022 to go- one of those goals was to obtain two more investment properties. After obtaining my first property, I started my first big girl job, moved away, and the hurricane hit so I didn’t get everything I wanted out of that experience. This is my livelihood, so I feel that I needed to be comfortable and honest with myself on some “How you getting hype off one do that sh*t again?!” type timing. It’s always been a question of whether or not I was ready for the type of responsibility and focus that came with this, but the truth is I’ve been ready my mental just wasn’t. One day, I got text from my dad that said, “You ready to stop playing with your life?” so being me on one of my solo car rides I said “Yes my nigga tf?!” (I did not say that, but that’s how I felt after everything I had been experiencing. I was ready for something new- something to drive me into spaces I couldn’t even imagine.) One thing led to another and we had all hands on deck to find my next investment property. In this market, it was not easy to find something desirable and affordable for where I am in my investment journey. Then BOOM! We found something…the most somethingest something somewhere I wouldn’t have even thought to look! Fast forward add and a lil secret sauce to that krabby patty secret formula, bippity boppity boop— a few transactions and signatures later- Jo Co. Investments purchased 2 neighboring lots that will be subdivided into FIVE .

So yeah, sis, call me Ms. Duplex & Checks.

This beautiful experience was sandwiched between hella travel. I visited my gworllll in Arizona (she actually saved my birthday)! We brunched, we hiked, we shopped–S/O to Jem&Kev for turning me up for my birthday. Anywhere I am y’all will forever be welcomed! From Phoenix, I shot to Los Angeles just to see what was really outside that weekend- Superbowl weekend. I saw enough- BBLs, Weaves, lashes, flashy chains all weekend long. In California, I was outside AF (The mens was outside too…oop). Sis, I am not cut like thattttttttt! I like a daytime vibe and to be sleep by 10:30pm (The real ones know). I was up allllll night on some super restless ish! From LA to home from home to Detroit to get clothes for Nashville for a work conference a few days later- one question sis…WHO TF DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!

My lil body was good and tired. I needed rest and could not get it. In the midst of all of this, I was working my job- on calls, completing tasks, waking up at weird hours.

It costs to be the boss, but I’m gone pay it though. -Rob


Young and Turnt is not the wave over here. I love me a sustainable life – long and strong. I'm here for a long time and a good time.

March was supposed to be the month that I sat down to breathe. That shit did not work, Sis.

I don’t know what happened to my savage, but I can’t turn him down!

I stepped out of town twice and I justified it by the fact that my car was still in Detroit and I work from home all week. Who really wants to be inside for seven days a week?! Once again I dragged it, but hey no regrets. March flew by before I could even really give it any thought. I went outside, I got my hair done, I traveled, and I paid my bills. I’d say it was a fairly normal month.

Except it wasn’t. I got the news I wanted from my job…Detroit it’s been real, but I’m outta there.

I never thought that I’d be coming back home and breaking my lease, but my mental health was definitely declining up there. From this experience, I learned to leverage my value add and to never move with haste. Going forward, my plan will have a plan. I will also be okay with things not going according to plan. Sometimes things don’t go your way for a reason.

Sis, shift your perspective.

Stare at the graphic on the left for 30 seconds. This is where I am in my journey.

At first I thought my friends were gassing, but nah it’s real… Since that N—- came up off of me chile life has been looking up and up and upper. God had His hands on me for real. I truly believe that everything He showed me was to prepare me for the next step. From the information I received to the advice I give in hindsight. Y’all I went from not eating and crying at my own reflection to celebrating thee fuck out of who I truly am and what I am capable of. I call that progress. When I tell y’all I am not playing about me at all. I mean that. Healing my body, healing my heart, healing my mind and offering myself grace everyday.

It don’t even matter what he did or didn’t what matters is the lesson I learned from the experience I had. If it ain’t bout me there ain’t no pressure bout it if I’m being honest. I know there’s still some work to do here, but until then I am putting the SING in single.

Sisssssss.* akikijndjfvnfjnvij*

I saw a post from one of my followers whose perspective I value and he was telling men to enjoy being single because once they settle there will be an expectation for them to provide and put themselves last (I am paraphrasing big time here). So sis, I’ll tell you the same. You have your whole life to be a caregiver, a nurturer, the glue to everyone else’s life while yours is falling apart internally. Sis, get your ass outside. Answer that man. Go on that date. Take yourself to lunch. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy yourself, travel, explore your options.

For more insight on this my good sis started her own blog called Off the Market where she talks about her year off of dating. Check it out!

My approach to dating right now is dipping my toes in the pool basically. Everyone knows my rules and where I stand on everything, but when I get fed up I take myself out of the game. My dating life will be an entirely different blog post one day.

Let’s Get Into these Goals & Affirmations

April's Goals

(April’s goals will be pretty calm)

  • Develop a financial plan that will carry me through summer

  • Create roll out strategy for merch drops through August

  • Be a better dog mom- Brownie needs some fits

  • Post 6 times on the Damn, Sis IG (@damnsisbrand) before the next blogClose the Post


  • I’M HER and I BEEN HER!

  • I am healthy.

  • I am offering myself grace.

  • I am growing & glowing.

  • I understand what is within my control.

  • I am beautiful.

  • I am confident.

  • I am powerful.

  • I am capable!

    • More capable than whatever you think that means!

Sis, It’s your season if you’re ready to do the work. Put that seed in the ground, so that good shit can grow! (Get your Good Sh*t mug on your way out)



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