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Damn, Sis It's Day One


I’m Jojo Lee (she/her) and this is my personal blog entitled "Damn,Sis". Maybe I should start by saying I am a Black Aquarius and an irritable extrovert. I am a forever evolving person and some may say I am all over the damn place. I’d say I’m free as fuck and prefer self-enforced structure. That’s a nice way of saying I hate being told what to do. Come on this journey with me!

Expectations v. Reality

We all want a life that we are proud of and that we talk about to our kids or grandkids one. I’d say have some damn good stories to tell my offspring. I’ve traveled a bit. I did the whole out of state college thing including a few major switches. I’ve dated very interesting men and learned a shit ton from every experience. People say that I am unapologetically me all the time, but that’s not at all true. I am very comfortable being myself when I feel my energy will be appreciated. As I continue to write, you’ll learn more about me and what I actually like.

A few things that will help you to understand me maybe:

  • I don’t like computer stickers or any personality indicators on my car

  • I hate asking for things even when I really need it

  • I don’t tolerate broke men

  • I love to travel, shop, and eat

  • I show love through quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation

  • I am often misunderstood

My identity is strongly shaped by my experiences, which is why I am ever evolving. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May 2020 and I can honestly say that at this particular moment in my life that means not a damn thing. This is not a space for negativity, but I will be honest with you and myself. The best thing Notre Dame gave me was the degree and access to successful people. When I am ready that will be something for me to leverage. I expected to graduate with job offers pouring into my lap and connections with alumnus overflowing. While COVID-19 made people sympathetic, it showed that not many people have any actual control once the economy goes to shit.

One thing I can say that I genuinely appreciated was my graduation parade! My family showed out and it warmed my heart more than anyone knew. I received my first investment property and new car which made life after graduation a lot better than it could’ve been.

Let me place a disclaimer in here real quick.


This is my damn blog and I am speaking from my perspectives and including what I feel is relevant at any given time. This is not yours to critique-- read it and learn from it or don’t. (That was not mean. It was honest.)

What’s Next

It’s April and this month flew by pretty fast. Next month, I’ll have more peace, more money, and more purpose. This month was a weird one, so the next can’t get weirder, right? I’ll bring y’all a podcast one day soon, but in the meantime enjoy these good old blogs.

Personal Goals for April

  • More peace: Peace of mind. Doing more of what I enjoy and fulfilling myself.

  • More money: Listen... a job or more clients or both. However You want it, Lord.

  • More purpose: Looking within to gain more understanding and compassion for the unspoken needs of others in order to be a solution.

** My personal goals are my business goals because your business won't be well if you are not.



Hi, Sis!

What's up? As the author behind this blog, I must say that I'm a creative and I'm sensitive about my shit. Follow me as we talk finances, relationships, personal and professional development and so much more.

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