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Up, Up, and with Bae

Let’s get into these May blessings! I remember at the end of my previous blog I asked God for more- more money, more clients, more opportunities. Now that May has come and gone, I want y’all to know that God has given everything that I asked for plus more.

Quick Life Update:

  • I got a new job as a Marketing and Sales Analyst

  • I’ll be moving from New Orleans to Michigan for that job

  • I got some clients that are really allowing me to stretch my skill set within my marketing agency

  • Jo Co. Investments will be building its first investment property

  • My hair grew long enough for braids!!

  • I am a clothing brand ambassador (Shoutout to St. Miraj)

  • I became a hair brand ambassador (Checkout Toonice Hair)

  • I restarted my pole fitness journey

Can I get a loud and proud “DAMN, SIS! YOU BLESSED,”? AND ISSSS. I can’t lie, I'm nervous, but I truly believe that God put me in position a long time ago. In my attempt to be more clairvoyant, I noticed that even if the blessing is available if you are not ready it will not hit the same. I’ve been wanting THAT job! I’ve been wanting to leave Louisiana before graduating from college. I've been wanting to flip a home. I had all of these desires, but I was not truly ready. My spirit was not strong enough to handle everything that God wanted to place in front of me. While I have been granted access to all of these rooms, I have not stepped foot into them yet, so I pray that God places a shield over me to be able to stand strong and make an impact in every space that I have access to.

Sooo, sis. May 18th was my anniversary and it was amazing. Did I tell y’all I have a man? Well, I do and we will call him Mr. Sir. SOOOOOO... we did the typical us thing and went out to eat on our anniversary at Chophouse -a steakhouse in NOLA. The weekend after though we had a luxurious staycation at the Nopsi Hotel. Mr. Sir listens really well because about a month before I said that I really wanted to check it out or visit a boutique hotel. Turns out this place was both! It paired well with perfume and the exotic fruits he’d gotten delivered the week before. Y’all I was all in loveeeee.

New Experience Alert:

This man put me on a helicopter! It was a surprise like no warning, no hint, no nothing. I was scared for my life, but it was such a beautiful experience that I wouldn’t have wanted to share with anyone else. I definitely cried while looking over the city knowing this Summer would be my last time living in New Orleans. That helicopter ride for me was metaphorical for our next journey together. When said in a post “The views different over here,” I meant that because I know that we are both destined for better. The power of the tongue is viscous and can change the trajectory of your life.

Damn, Sis. Let's end May’s blog with some June wishes.

For June:

I want to be financially responsible. I want to save money. I want to learn how to be a part of the culture at my new job. I want to confidently build a house that is not only an eye catcher, but is also within budget. I just want to be great. I want to be a better woman inside and out.

Sis, out.

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Jonique johnson
Jonique johnson
14 giu 2021

Great read sis!! Keep up the great work, consistency is key!

Mi piace

Membro sconosciuto
08 giu 2021

Damn sis you doing it congratulations on all your may endeavors and i wish you many more. God is showing and transforming you for the path he went ahead and pave for you. I’m glad you are allowing all yours senses to open so he can get to you. love you and hope you experience things further then even you could imagine for yourself. Let go

Mi piace

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